De Majo Lights & Lamps

Guido de Majo, a native of Naples, opened his first glassworks in Venetian Murano in 1947 and lay the ground for an extraordinary success story of Italian lighting design. While the Italian manufacturer de Majo still offers traditional Venetian chandeliers and lamps made of  Murano glass, the portfolio was complemented  with an extensive collection of modern design lights since the 1970s. These modern lights also refer to the company's tradition in glassworks  and are characterized by the innovative use of glass and glass elements. de Majo, being aware of its cultural heritage, successfully combines traditional craftmanship with avant-garde design in its modern design lamps. The luminaire de Majo Prosecco is a perfect example for this fruitful symbiosis. Mouth-blown, berry-shaped diffusers in borosilicate glass are assembled to a bunch of grapes. Small halogen lamps inside each diffuser let the glass prinkle like a crystal chandelier. And also modern spot lights like the de Majo Spoke series are equipped with glass difussers that offer particularly brillant light. Alongside modern, clear design and traditional handicraft, de Majo also focusses on a safe and environment-friendly production process, while achieving highest quality standards for its designer lamps and Murano glass luminaires.