Mantis Collection

The Mantis lights were designed as a tribute to the pioneer
of kinetic art, Alexander Calder, and are now produced by DCW.

Designed by industrial designer and sculptor Bernard Scotlander in 1951 and now available through French manufacturer DCW éditions, the Mantis lights are a tribute to the American modern sculptor and pioneer of kinetic art, Alexander Calder. DCW realizes the re-edition of the Mantis lights true to the original and pays attention to a high processing quality during manufacturing.

A characteristic feature of all lights from the Mantis collection is the asymmetrical, gently curved lampshade made of black painted steel with a white painted inside. The shade sits on a delicate lamp arm, whose end is subtly bent. The design principle of the DCW Mantis is based on mobility and on the eponymous mantis.

The Mantis BS1 floor lamp is the original design. It sits on a delicate tripod and can be rotated by 360 degrees. By adjusting the counterweight, a total of four arm tilt positions can be set in 20 degree steps. As a result, the rotating and swiveling reflector shade leans forward and backward weightlessly like the head of the "Mantis religiosa". Due to the special asymmetrical shape of the shade, the light is emitted to the front, which further reinforces the sweeping radius of the arm. The shade can also be rotated and swiveled, which means that Mantis BS1 enables maximum flexibility. In addition to the tripod, the floor lamp is also available as a Mantis BS1 B with a round base. The Mantis BS3 table lamp has taken on the flexibility of the previous model and can be used at home or in the office as an attractive desk lamp.

The arm of the Mantis BS2 and Mantis BS2 Mini Wall Light is expansive and extends far into the room. A chain is used to attach the lamp arm to the structure, thus the wall lamp does not tip into undesired positions. Due to the wall construction, Mantis always remains stable, it can be rotated within a radius of 180 degrees and can also be swiveled. Both the Mantis wall lights and the Mantis BS4 and BS4 L ceiling lights are suitable as an unconventional dining table lighting thanks to their movable, long arm. The smaller wall lights Mantis BS5 and Mantis BS5 SW have a much shorter arm. Together with the even smaller BS5 Mini LED, they are the ideal lighting solution above bedside tables, where they provide adjustable zone light.