Aaro Collection

DCW Aaro convinces with its wonderfully flowing mobility. Aaro remains
stable in every position thanks to the counterweight and the ball joint.

The Aaro lamp collection comes from the German designer Simon Schmitz for the French brand DCW and convinces with its flowing mobility for a flexible adjustment of the light. Aaro is available as a wall, ceiling and table lamp.

The metal body consists of two filigree, movable lamp arms. The longer lamp arm has a circular counterweight, which allows horizontal and vertical arm movements and keeps the lamp stable in any position. The round reflector can be rotated and tilted, thus maximizing flexibility in light adjustment.

The starting point of the design for Aaro was the desire to create the smoothest possible movement using joints. The result is an apparently floating luminaire that distributes direct light where it is needed. The name Aaro is inspired by the term "Aaron & # 39; s Rod", a biblical term that symbolizes the flowering sticks of an almond tree.