Darø Lights & Lamps

The light fixtures by Darø are well-established in Denmark, especially in the harbour town of Randers in the province of Jutland. The Danish manufacture owes its success to its timeless iconic designs. This high-class lights are made exclusively in Denmark, where the company has its headquarters.

The light fixtures by Darø displays the strictest Scandinavian tradition of discreet design without fancy embellishments. The company relies on its long expertise as a light manufacturer and combines it with a fresh wind of change provided by collaborating with young designers.

The family company was founded in 1969 ; since 2013 the company has been directed by Thomas Darø, the founder's son Kjeld Darø. Thomas triggered a new era which took a more international direction and started a collaboration with innovative young designers who had little or no previous experience in the lighting industry. This kind of collaboration is especially fruitful because it ensures originality.

The lights Darø all look different and are made of most diverse materials producing extraordinary timeless designs. The popular series Bell+ is very often seen in commercial buildings and in private flats.

The lights by Darø present neither a uniform formal language nor a repetitious, and that is why they are so appealing. Because of their multiple aspects, the light fixtures are suitable in different spaces, in whatever style they are furnished, because there is a Darø light for every situation. The suspension Bell+ especially enhances the minimalist, modern furnishing styles, while the suspension Darø Paso adds a welcome touch of colour in more traditional interiors.

Darø's founder is convinced that light manufacturing is closely connected with design in its purest expression. They put their efforts into creating a piece which exudes an atmosphere and produces a pleasant ambience, where quality fuses with function, resulting in elegant and aesthetic shapes. The young designers are viewed by the Darø founders as the "beating heart" of the company. During the manufacturing process, special care is given to small details, which hold some surprises in terms of aesthetics and function. This is best exemplified by the suspension Bell+ which features a small horizontal wooden rod, enabling the light to be changed at will.
Darø is true to its slogan "class instead of mass" and has chosen to launch only one model each year.