Archos Collection

The Darø Archos wall lamp appeals with a flat
construction, effective lighting and two possible types of mounting.

The elegant Archos wall lamp by Darø appeals with a simple, modern aesthetics and with decorative lighting effects. It is available in a choice of two sizes and two colours.

Archos is made of aluminium and has an elegant, swung shape devoid of superfluous details or disturbing edges. Its exterior face is lacquered in matt black or matt white, while the inner side is always polished in silver colours, which results in a contrast and brightly reflects the light. Because of the light fixture's shape, the light is screened to the front and does not glare, but shines upwards and downwards, where it forms light cones on the wall.

The light fixture's flat shape is ideally suited for narrow corridors and was originally designed for use in stairwells and next to flat screens.

Archos can be installed on a direct wall socket or be connected to a wall socket with an electrical cable. A transparent cable with on/off switch is included in the delivery.