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The well-known German furniture manufacturer ClassiCon specializes in high-quality and elegant design furniture. Among them are famous designer classics by Eileen Gray and also modern, timeless objects by young designers. ClassiCon demonstrates the ability to recognize tomorrow's design classics. Konstantin Grcic, who designed furniture for ClassiCon at the beginning of his career, is now one of the world's most famous designers. The lights and furniture by ClassiCon are timeless and elegant and manufactured according to high-quality principles.

"ClassiCon" means Classic Contemporary Design. The ClassiCon style is both classic and contemporary, thanks to superior production techniques, well-thought-out functionality and high-class materials, which ensure them a long life-span. In 100 years, the ClassiCon products will still be as beautiful and modern as today, a has been the case for decades.

The company was founded in 1990 by Stephen Fischer von Poturzyn, a former member of the United Workshops for Art and Craftmanship's (Vereinigte Werkstätten) boards of directors in Munich, where artists have carefully controlled their creations since 1898. The newly founded company took over the United Workshop's "classic" collection, the licences for the exclusive rights of production of very coveted designer classics like those bearing Eileen Gray's signature.

The most recent design objects are compiled in the category "Contempora". They are mostly produced by designers like Konstantin Grcic, the duo Barber & Osgerby and Sauerbruch Hutton, who designed major furniture lines and lights for ClassiCon.

Since 2001, ClassiCon has been directed by Oliver Holy, a great grandson of Hugo Boss. The Munich Lounge Sofa and other associated pieces of furniture were designed by the architect's bureau Sauerbruch Hutton for the Munich-based Brandhorst Museum under his direction and has now been included in his portfolio.

The suspension Selene made of glass and metal is one of the major lights by ClassiCon. It features a well-defined construction, high-end materials and is available in a range of different sizes, enabling it to be used in the most various contexts and adapted to nearly every furnishing style. The light Bell Light by Sebastian Herkner is also remarkable. It was one of the last design objects to be included in the ClassiCon catalogue. It features traditional shapes and traditional materials, making it appropriate for every high-class interior. Several lights manufactured by ClassiCon have been designed by Eileen Gray, among them are the functional and minimalist Tube Light and the floor lamp Roattino, which has a very special curvature and is equipped with an asymmetric diffuser.

ClassiCon offers sofas and chairs, side tables, carpets and coat hangers bearing the signature of young and famous designers. Some have reached the status of true design icones, like the famous Adjustable Table by Eileen Gray or the chair Bibendum. Konstantin Grcic created colourful side tables with extravagant shapes in the collection "Diana" for ClassiCon. His wooden chair Venus and desk Orcus are now designer classics.

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