Selene Collection

The designer Sandra Lindner designed the ClassiCon Selene, a reduced yet sophisticated light fixture, in 2006. A perfectly rounded sphere made of clear, mouth-blown glass is the distinctive element composing this outstanding, yet never domineering light. It is no surprise that Selene which has the characteristic features of great designer classics was expanded into a collection by ClassiCon.

The beautiful shade's shape is complemented by a straight cylindrical attachment for the lamp's base. Five slender rods made of metal form a crown around the cylinder, on top. They keep the light's shade in position. A protection device against dust and insects covers the circular aperture of the glass sphere.

The ClassiCon Selene light is available in diverse diameters. It can be utilized diversely, to make an impressive or discreet impression, when several light fixtures are combined. Whether used singly, in straight rows or as a lively cluster combining lights with diverse heights and sizes, Selene is always a tasteful, elegant lighting solution which meets the highest aesthetical demand.