Cini & Nils
Gradi Collection

Franco Bettonica, Mario Melocchi

The Gradi lights by Cini & Nils have simple metallic
structures and cylindrical glass diffusers in three versions.

The lights in the Gradi collection by Cini & Nils have a cylindrical glass diffuser held by a bent metallic structure. The extended collection comprises diverse wall and ceiling lamps, whether for halogen lamps or equipped with embedded LEDs, and available in three sizes: the middle-sized Gradi and the smaller Gradimini and microGradi. An elegant floor lamp complements the collection.

Thanks to its clear, harmonious shape, refined materials like steel, zama and borosilicate glass, as well as timeless surfaces, Gradi is a versatile lighting solution which harmonizes especially well with modern interiors.

Many models have a head tiltable by 90 degrees. Besides, the glass diffuser rotates full range, which, depending on the glass version, influences on lighting effect and light direction.

The diffuser is available in three versions, each producing other effects.

"Retinato": the glass is transparent and has a black grid on one side. Because of the grid, 10% of the light is diffusely spread into the room, 90% passes through the transparent glass. For mostly indirect main illumination.

"Opalescente": the glass is partly opaline white, partly clear. Approximatively 30% of the light passes diffusely through the white glass, the larger part passes through the transparent segment. Suitable as main illumination source with balanced direct and indirect light.

"Tuttopalescente": the glass cylinder is entirely opaline white. Suitable as main light source emitting even diffuse light.