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There are designer lamps that immediately catch a person's attention and dominate a room. There are also CINI & NILS lights with their clear and simple designs that seamlessly integrate into a room's decor, and cause quite a stir at second glance. This might also be the reason why CINI & NILS lights find a place in the most diverse interiors – from living spaces to museums, from offices to cafés, from monasteries to airports. Besides their stringent design and the high quality materials used, it is mainly the quality of directed lighting that characterizes CINI & NILS lights. Hence it is no surprise, if a spherical suspension does not diffuse its light in all directions but produces a concentrated beam sent directly downwards.This almost architectural play with the light beam is typical for lighting series such as CINI & NILS Gradi and CINI & NILS Fari. Both make it possible for the light beam and partly for the mounting to turn and thus, to set the desired light accents in a room. Brightness and diffusion of light is calculated with accuracy, the illumination of the room being as important as the lamp's design. CINI & NILS was founded in 1969 by designers Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi in Milan, Italy. Bettonica was architect, interior designer and industry designer, and always on the lookout for uniquely innovative, aesthetic and functional objects.  Together with his partner Melocchi, who has worked in advertising and product design, they first designed exciting objects and furniture like their swivel 'Magazine Stand',  the 'Cubobar' and their Bar, Table and Desk collections many of which have been since acquired by the 'New York Museum of Modern Art'. It is not until 1972 with the introduction of the table lamp CINI & NILS Cuboluce that CINI & NILS turns towards light design. Among the most innovative products of CINI & NILS there are the lighting series CINI & NILS Gradi, whose lighting body comprises a minute enamelled glass cylinder, the CINI & NILS Tenso 2500W which is the first 230V cable system as well as CINI & NILS miniTenso, the smallest 230V cable system that bridges a gap of only 15 cm. Not to forget, the younger wall- and ceiling light CINI & NILS Componi consisting of three interchangeable glass components, that can be endlessly varied, sets again new standards in architectural lighting.

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