Cini & Nils
Sestessa Collection

Luta Bettonica, Mario Melocchi

The Sestessa lights' ring-shaped and structured bodies by Cini
& Nils reflect the light without glaring and indirectly in the room.

The Sestessa lights by Cini & Nils have a distinctive, bent and structured shade which projects the light indirectly in the room. Its futurist charm turns the design by Luta Bettonica and Mario Melocchi into an absolute eye-catcher and a decorative architectural element.

The collection includes wall lamps, suspensions, ceiling lamps and floor lamps. The wall lamp is also available as a smaller Sestessina and a larger Sestessa Maxi. While the Sestessa Alogena lights are equipped with R7s/halogen lamps, other models are now equipped with embedded LEDs.

Sestessa's body is made of white lacquered aluminium. It is ring-like, organically shaped and features a distinctive graded structure. The light source is lodged inside the ring and shines on the opposite broad inner side, which sends the light back into the room. A glare-free, indirect illumination is achieved.

For a minimum order of at least 20 pieces, it is possible to get the Sestessa lights in any desired colour.