Cini & Nils
Ognidove Collection

Luta Bettonica

The cable-free Ognidove LED lamp by Cini & Nils has a
slender body and a narrow vase, affixed with magnets to the base.

The cable-free Ognidove LED light fascinates with a clear, harmonious design and a great flexibility, since the different elements can be freely combined together. Ognidove was designed by Luta Bettonica and Giancarlo Leone in 2020 and is available as a table lamp and as a floor lamp, to choose from.

Ognidove features a slender light stem of metal with a synthetic diffuser and an integrated touch dimmer inside the stem. The light is equipped with a battery and is affixed to the round base and other metallic surfacs with magnetic fixations. The slender vase is a fascinating complement which can be affixed magnetically, if needed, and decorated with flowers or twigs.

The light fixture is available in gold, silver and in black. The connection between individual floral decoration and soft illumination perfectly turns Ognidove Tavolo into a light source and ornament for dining tables, since it is devoid of cable. The Ognidove Terra convinces with absolute clearness and elegance, and decorates room corners where there is no socket.

The battery's operating time is of max. 7 hours. The charging time is of max. 4 hours.

The structure is made of aluminium and technopolymer, the diffuser is of methacrylate.

IP54 protection index.