Cini & Nils
Cubismo Collection

Luta Bettonica, Mario Melocchi

A geometrical aesthetics, indirect LED light and a mysterious interplay
of light and shadow are offered by the Cubismo wall lamp by Cini & Nils.

Cubismo by Cini & Nils is a luminous wall sculpture with a geometric formal language. It provides indirect light and decorates the wall, even when turned off, because of its unique shape.

The collection includes the small Cubismo Corta version and the broader Cubismo Lunga. Both light fixtures can be combined together, whether in rows or in lively, creative landscape on large walls. When used singly, Cubismo sets a stylish accent on the naked walls in the living room and in the bedroom.

Cubismo is made of white lacquered aluminium and has a three-dimensional structure, composed of small cubes. The indirect light projects appealing shadows and underlines the light's geometrical, asymmetrical structure.

The light is dimmable with a trailing edge phase dimmer.