Cini & Nils Componi 75 disco disc dichroitic red

The red glass plate for the range Componi by Cini & Nils can be inserted with the function of high-precision coloured filter to create dramatic light in a room.

Product details

The coloured disk can be installed e.g. along with the lenses to generate a coloured, intensive and concentrated cone of light. However, combined with the satined disk it can produce a more diffused light. Of course, the dichroic disk can be used on its own for scenographic effects. This way, you can completely modify the lighting impact only by interchanging this element, depending on your requirements and taste.

The glass insert can be easily replaced without any tool and only by unscrewing the disk-holder from the structure. Therefore, you can choose the light as you like it. Moreover, with this one and only element, you can modify it in the future. Please feel free to contact us for any particular combination.

Technical specifications

Dimensions Diameter 75 mm, thickness 2 mm.
EAN: 8050612472087
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