Catellani & Smith

Enzo Catellani

The Miracolo candle holder by Catellani & Smith consists of an individually formable
flexible arm, holding a single candle. Made of brass with a black push-button as a decorative element.

Catellani & Smith Miracolo

About the Collection Catellani & Smith Oggetti Senza Tempo

The Oggetti Senza Tempo collection by Catellani & Smith comprises, as the name suggests, "timeless objects", works-of-art and light fixtures, each featuring a fancy design of its own. They perfectly illustrate Enzo Catellani's vivid imagination and range from functional reading lights to decorative accent light fixtures. Clear shapes and metal prevail, while functionality is always as significant as aesthetics. While many models follow the principles of minimalism, other have a nearly experimental pizzazz and surprise with references drawn from art and design history.

Oggetti Senza Tempo reflect traditions, play with patterns and associations while setting strong, personal statements. Because of their timeless character and refined materials, the light fixtures make a good impression in various spaces - whether in modern living rooms, in high-class and prestigious rooms or in charming cafes.

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Catellani & Smith Oggetti Senza Tempo

Technical specifications

Dimensions Height ca. 30 cm, flex arm length 75 cm.


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