Catellani & Smith
Medousê Collection

The Medousê outdoor lights by Catellani & Smith appeal
with their glass diffusers' naturally irregular surfaces.

The Medousê LED light fixtures by Catellani & Smith set magical lighting accents in the garden and on the terrace. The design by Enzo Catellani appeals with the glass diffuser's especially natural, organic construction.

The collection comprises a wall lamp and floor lamps in two sizes. All models are available in transparent or green glass and are equipped with warm white LED lamps.

The floor lamps can be placed on the lawn or in flower-beds and perfectly adapt to their environment, because the hand-made glass shades do not seem to be artificially manufactured objects thanks to their rough surface, but seem to be part of nature. The small wall lamp decorates house walls and other walls, illuminates balconies and more. Also when its light is turned off, Medousê has a decorative effect and produces a unique, appealing, magical atmosphere with its light.