Catellani & Smith
Malagola 110

Enzo Catellani

The large Malagola 110 suspension by Catellani & Smith is made by hand and
illuminates downwards. The diffuser of aluminium is covered with precious materials.

About the Collection Catellani & Smith Luci d'Oro

Luci d'Oro by Catellani & Smith is an extended light collection including completely different designs and even candle holders. What these designs have in common are the precious surfaces. "Luci d'Oro" means "golden lights" and refers to the use of foil gold in the manufacturing of shades and reflectors. Most of the light fixtures are also available in foil silver or foil copper, sometimes also in white, making it possible to find the suitable version for nearly any furnishing style.

The lights Luce d'Oro, Full Moon, Luna Piena and Telchisugio have a round aluminium plate serving as a reflecting shade, coated by hand with foil gold or another coating. The lamp is held by a simple metallic arm in front of the shade, shines onto it and produces a lively indirect illumination. The DiscO ceiling lamp, the smaller Pepita recessed light fixture, the fascinatingly complex Gold Moon Chandelier and the Luna Tavolo and Gemma candle holders follow the same principle.

The Malagola suspensions have a long, cigar-shaped shade characterized by a simple, no-frills shape which is upgraded with the refined metallic versions. The Colonna floor lamp is a column of iron with a vertical slot through which it is possible to look at the inside coated with foil gold.

The metal foil's special irregular structure is responsible for a dynamic and complex illumination, and turns each light fixture into a unique piece endowed with singular details and a character of its own.

The metallic version impacts on the achieved lighting effect: in white or silver, the emitted colder, magic light is reminiscent of the moon, while gold and copper create a warm and fiery light.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Shade length 110 cm, shade width 45 cm, shade height 45 cm, cable length max. 170 cm, canopy diameter 9 cm, canopy height 5 cm.
Bulbs 3 x max. 8W E27 LED lamp.
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