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Catellani & Smith
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All prices shown include 19% VAT for deliveries to Deutschland excluding possible shipping costs.

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Catellani & Smith - let there be light!

Catellani and Smith designer lights evoke associations with the warm sun, the mystic moon and the life-giving power of light. Lighting fixtures like Luna Piena or Macchina della Luce with round, gold- or siver-plated discs have become the hallmarks of Italian lighting manufacturer Catellani & Smith. The series Fil de Fer from hand-shaped wires has been widely copied yet never equalled, whereas the Postkrisi and Minimalismo collections shine with their minimalist yet subtle design.

Passion for lighting design

The Italian Enzo Catellani is neither architect nor designer, yet a passionate creator of elaborate lighting fixtures. He founded Catellani & Smith in 1989 together with English architect Logan Smith. A company dedicated to the design and production of hand-crafted decorative lights and every-day objects far beyond industrial mass production. Since its beginnings, Catellani & Smith has been creating light installations for sacral buildings, museum, fairs or exhibitions with such excessive success that regularly lead to the serial production of commercial lighting collections. However, Catellani & Smith remains true to the founders' philosophy. Until now, every lamp is made by hand, turning each of them into a unique piece of design.

Lighting design reflecting the spirit of the times

The first major collection by Catellani & Smith introduced in 1995 was Luce D'Oro - which means golden light - with a strong focus on the color of light. Wall and ceiling lamps that represent primarily the golden light of the sun or the fire. Two years later followed the Stchu-Moon series with spherical shapes and hand-crafted, silver-plated surfaces referring to the magic of moonlight.

In 2004 Catellani & Smith introduced the series 'Postkrisi' using for the first time colour as design feature. Bold red, blu or yellow creating a powerful interplay of light and shadow, bright and dark. Hemispheres from fiber glass with frazzled brim building a strong contrast to the opulence of the different golden discs. The Postkrisi lamps for wall, ceiling, table or floor build a break to the high-gloss finish of sleek and lacquered surfaces, they irritate and inspire at the same time.

Catellani & Smith Eco Logic Light - focus on LED technology

Logically, Catellani & Smith was one of the first lighting manufacturers to introduce LED technology in lighting design. Catellani & Smith Eco-Logic Light is a collection of minimalist lighting fixtures first presented in 2008. LEDs are environmental friendly illuminants reducing CO² emissions by up to 20 percent and allowing energy savings of up to 80 percent.
However, it is not only the energy efficiency of LED that stunned Enzo Catellani but also its quality which he describes as a meditation light, a rather relaxing and contemplative one, reducing the tension in the lit space. Catellani created a series of reduced minimalist LED lamps with spectacular halos, but also uses LED to illuminate his gold- and silver-plated discs in a very intensive and striking way.In other words, Catellani & Smith succeded in reinterpreting the celestial illuminants once again.