Catellani & Smith
Lederam WB1

Enzo Catellani

The small Lederam WB1 LED wall lamp by Catellani & Smith is characterized by an
adjustable aluminium shade, located sideways on an obliquely positioned metallic arm.

About the Collection Catellani & Smith Lederam

The Lederam collection is characterized by a soft elegance and precious surfaces. It is one of the most popular light fixtures by Catellani & Smith and is carefully made by hand of metal.

The collection by Enzo Catellani is very large and includes not only many different kinds of light fixtures and models, but also offers each light in a large range of colours. Beside various ceiling and wall lamps, there are also suspensions of various shapes, and various floor lamps as well as a table lamp.

The iconic Lederam design follows a simple principle. A flat, softly convex reflector plate rests on a slender stem like a leave on a branch. The light sources are LEDs which are discreetly concealed in the plate, and only their magical, indirect light interacts with the light fixtures' refined surfaces and the surroundings. Depending on the lights' kind and size this basic principle is slightly modified and, for example, features additional reflectors or rods. All the versions enchant with a delicate lightness and a beautiful shape, neutral colours and precious materials, like foil gold, foil silver or foil copper.

The special character of each Lederam light depends on the colour. In neutral and cool colours like grey, white or silver it produces an especially clear and minimalist impression and is perfectly suited as a discreet light source in modern rooms. When covered with foil gold, foil copper or equipped with black elements, it creates a warm, mysterious magic which perfectly complements furniture of dark wood and intense, dark wall colours in classical style.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Disc diameter 17 cm, height min. 22.6 cm, max. 25.3 cm, total depth min. 14.3 cm, max. 19.1 cm, total width 20.8 cm, base diameter 7 cm, base depth 2.5 cm.
Bulbs 17W LED, 2700K, 1700 lm, CRI 80.
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