Casablanca Lights & Lamps

Lamps by the German lighting manufacturer Casablanca are characterized by individuality, quality and innovation. In 1980 Dieter K. Weis founded the lighting company Casablanca based in the Offenbacher Bernardbau, a former snuff factory. Since then, Dieter K. Weis designed each Casablanca lamp and each Casablanca light object himselfs. Thereby the designer pursues the simple credo “less is more“, that shapes the exclusivity and authenticity of a Casablanca lamp.

Whether award-winning Casablanca Box, lighting series Casablanca AIH, Anaconda table lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp, floor lamps Casablanca Cult and Flute or Casablanca Avalon pendant lamp – each Casablanca lamp designed by Dieter K. Weis testifies to high glass craftmanship. Casablanca lamp shades are mainly mouth-blown in keeping with the old tradition. In combination with high-quality metal Casablanca lamp show handicraft and attention to detail.

Each Casablanca lamp is characterized by high quality standards for design and finish. The lamps are produced in Germany and keep the promise in the grade „Made in Germany“. Casablanca lamps and the premium brand millelumen are regularly awarded design prizes like the OSRAM European Ministar Contest, OSRAM Design Contest CFLi 2008 or the “Internationaler Designpreis Baden-Württenberg“ award. Besides Casablanca was nominated for the design award “Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“. The greatest success of the Casablanca lamps celebrated the Casablanca lamp Box as well as the design series millelumen. Both were awarded the red dot design award. “Made in Germany“ does not only mean award winning, but first at all innovative capability, that Casablanca proves regularly. For example, Casablanca lighting designed after the ban of opal lamps a matt borosilicate glass cylinder for screwing on a standard G9 thread. Casablanca lamps combine plain design with glass craftmanship.