Murea Collection

Dieter K. Weis

The timeless, elegant Murea lights by Casablanca were
inspired by Japanese lanterns. The glass shades are hand-blown.

The Murea lights were designed by the founder of Casablanca, Dieter K. Weis, who is well known for his elegant, high-quality lights made of hand-blown glass. The Murea collection also shines with a timelessly elegant shape and shades made of hand-blown glass that are inspired by Japanese lanterns. Instead of paper, the material glass ensures longevity; this Casablanca lamp also stands for value and quality.

The shade of the Murea pendant and ceiling lights is either made of opal white glass, transparent crystal glass or smoked glass. The light bulb remains visible, that is why an LED filament should be the lamp of choice.

Optionally, Murea can also be supplied with an additional opal glass diffuser. It hides the light source and ensures glare-free, softer lighting and an extra dose of elegance.

Murea emits light that is scattered all around and light also penetrates directly down through the shade opening. The Murea pendant light is available as a single pendant light or as a pendant with two lights, it is predestined for use above the dining room table. The ceiling light is ideal for corridors or entrance areas. As a variant with smoked glass, Murea looks particularly trendy and modern, the opal glass version is a timeless furnishing object with a pleasant lighting effect.