Andao Collection

The Andao lighting collection by Casablanca is made of
renewable raw materials using the most modern 3D printing processes.

The Andao lighting collection by the German lighting manufacturer Casablanca, presented for the first time in 2020, is not a typical Casablanca collection made of hand-blown glass. It is created using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process: 3-print technology.

This 3D printing process uses all of the material and avoids waste. In addition, production runs entirely on green electricity and is emission-free. The material of the models made in Germany is biodegradable liquid wood, obtained from renewable raw materials without petroleum. This biological material is lightweight, robust, water-resistant as well as UV and heat-resistant - ideal for modern LED lamps.

The innovative 3D printing makes the biomorphic structure of the Casablanca Andao lights possible. The honeycomb-like surface of the lampshade becomes an eye-catcher and allows light to penetrate through the gaps, creating a spectacular pattern of light and shadow on surrounding walls or other surfaces.

Andao by Casablanca not only offers an exciting design and impressive light, but is also manufactured with a pioneering technology that takes into account the general sustainability requirements of the present day.