Byok Lights & Lamps


The company Byok is famous for its modern and technically sophisticated indoor lights. The company, formerly known as K.B. Form, a name formed by the initials of its founder and designer's name Kai Byok owes its success to the very slender LED suspensions in the Piani series. Byok's design has been awarded many design prizes, among them several iF Products Design Awards and red dot design prizes.

Kai Byok founded his own design association in the Hamburg area in 1996. Byok studied in Milan, but is very committed to clear Scandinavian shapes. His straight, no-frills lights seamlessly integrate in interiors of nearly every style, whether public or private, and give light a central role.

Byok equipped public buildings, publishing houses and commercial spaces, like the famous companies Google, Burda and Adobe in many German towns. Byok supports various social organizations in Hamburg and sponsors a zebra in Hamburg's famous zoological garden.

The suspensions in the series Piani, available in a choice of shapes and sizes, are characterized by a sober, minimalist design. This is why the slender suspension adapts in nearly every possible architectural context, in modern rooms and in classically furnished spaces. Although not tall, the light convinces with an excellent technique meeting the spirit of the times: integrated LED, control by gesture and technique Dim2Warm, making the light warmer as its intensity is reduced. The result is a pleasant lighting atmosphere when sharing a relaxing time in the evening in the living or dining room.

The combination of minimalist shapes with the best possible lighting performance, the intuitive control and user-friendly technology turn Piani into a light fixture which best illustrates Byok's principles: a design uniting shape and light paired with a technology which improves lighting.