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The design company Brand van Egmond, based in the Dutch town of Naarden not far from Amsterdam, has specialized in the manufacture of modern chandeliers since 1989 and equips upscale private living spaces, commercial spaces and hotels all over the world with its unique light sculptures.

The foundation stone for the successful Brand van Egmond company was laid at the end of the 1980s by William Brand - he founded the design label Brand van Egmond after completing his studies. Since then, impressive chandeliers have been created in the in-house workshop under the creative pen of William Brand, which arouse emotions with their expressive appearance and fit into exclusive interiors with a strong character. During the creation process of his light art works, chief designer William Brand devotes himself passionately to experimenting with materials and processes them with precise care and the highest level of craftsmanship. It is often inspired by nature and the result is stylish chandeliers that, depending on the context, can appear contemporary and avant-garde at the same time. The best materials are always used in the manufacture of the exquisite light sculptures - durability is an important pillar of the corporate culture.

In order to be able to meet individual customer requirements for luxurious interiors, Brand van Egmond also offers tailor-made lighting solutions that can be optimally integrated into any architectural environment. Brand van Egmond has already worked with major luxury brands and hotels, including Louis Vuitton, the Hilton Hotel, Chopard, Four Seasons and Neuhaus, and has furnished countless private homes around the world with his incomparable lighting objects.

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