Brand van Egmond
Louise Collection

William Brand

The tinted glass of the Louise lamps by Brand van Egmond is trendy and
forms together with the brass structure a perfectly aesthetic design object.

The Brand van Egmond pendant lights from the Louise collection (2018) come from chief designer William Brand. The trendy main feature of the one- to eight-flame lights are their glass shades made of tinted glass, which let the light shine through gently and make the LED filament recognizable.

While Louise already looks exciting as a single pendant lamp due to its tinted glass, the aesthetic sophistication increases with the number of glass shades. These have a cylindrical shape, translucent shades and a circular opening on the underside. They spread diffuse light and distribute it directly downwards. The glass versions are available in rainbow colors (iridescent), satin, bronze and gray and can be combined with the multi-flame pendant lights according to personal taste. The glass lanterns hang on a robust structure made of burnished brass, which gives Louise an additional elegance and value. The Brand van Egmond Louise pendant lamp is supplied with a canopy. Louise has a burnished brass structure as standard - other structure colors are possible on request.

Louise finds its place in the contract area or in the private living room. Louise light installations fit perfectly over dining tables, in the lounge area or in the lobby.