Brand van Egmond
Delphinium Collection

William Brand

A distinctive glass pendulum and a striking structure made of
intertwined metal bands characterize the iconic Delphinium lamps by Brand van Egmond.

The founder and chief designer of the Dutch design label Brand van Egmond passionately produces new and individual lighting solutions - nature is often used as inspiration. With the fabulous Delphinium collection from 1998, the dynamic swimming course of dolphins, characterized by abrupt changes in direction, was the source of inspiration for the designer. The result is opulent lights that combine the highest level of metalworking and sensual taste.

The striking Delphinium shades consist of dynamic, intertwined ribbons made of shiny metal, which are supposed to simulate the swimming paths of dolphins. The metal ribbons of the Delphinium lights also zigzag and abruptly change direction. A dramatic lampshade is created, the open structure of which embodies lightness. Furthermore, the Delphinium shade is hung with glass pendulums, which additionally reflect the light from the lamps and give the striking structure softness.

Delphinium is available in the form of opulent chandeliers, which effortlessly bring individual charm and unique lighting moments to any environment. The magnificent chandelier is suitable for general lighting of a room, the light from the candle lamps is distributed directly. Whether in stately villas or in a modern ambience - the Delphinium Cone chandelier shines with its perfect aesthetics as a light source and as an avant-garde art object. Delphinium also becomes the star of its context as a ceiling or wall lamp, adorns walls or side tables and spreads its atmospheric light.