Wall Street Collection

With the Bover Wall Street wall lights, a gently curved fabric shade
hides the light source and gently spreads the light against empty walls.

The Bover Wall Street wall lights are a timeless, classic source of cozy ambient light. A gently curved shade hugs the wall and covers the light source. The wall housing, which appears discreetly on the underside, is made of metal. The housing of the Wall Street FL wall lamp is not only available in matt nickel, but also in shiny chrome and has a particularly elegant shine.

The shade is available in several versions. A natural white or pure white cotton shade as well as cream-colored or white and translucent ribbon shades are available. They all let the light shine gently and atmospherically. The Wall Street FL has an additional, flexible arm with an integrated LED light source, which provides ideal reading light for evening reading. Wall Street FL is ideally suited for installation above the bedside table, while the other Wall Street wall lights illuminate empty walls anywhere in the living room or in hotels and restaurants.