Tibeta Collection

Christophe Mathieu

The collection Tibeta by Bover with its lantern-shaped shades and
its metallic sheen sets attractive accents over tables or counters.

The Tibeta lighting collection was created by the Spanish designer Christophe Mathieu, who was already responsible for the popular design classic Marset Discocó. In 2015 he designed the Tibeta pendant lights for Bover, which attract attention with their shiny metallic, lantern-shaped shades.

At Tibeta, Christophe Mathieu skillfully combines traditional shapes with modern materials. Tibeta 01, 02 and 03 have different shade shapes, which can be arranged as an effective lighting group and harmonize perfectly with each other. The Tibeta Set 3 is a prefabricated group of lights, but individual rows of lights can also be realized. As a solitaire, Tibeta also proves to be a stylish lighting solution above dining tables or counters - the metallic sheen and the grooved look radiate elegance and preciousness.

Inside the shade there is a diffuser made of methacrylate, which directs the light from the permanently installed LEDs downwards without glare.