Skybell Collection

The Bover Skybell lights are fairy lights that
are ideal for illuminating kitchen counters or tables.

The large Bover Skybell light collection compiles fairy lights with several lights. Since 2021, Skybell has also been available as a Skybell Plus single pendant lamp and as an adjustable wall lamp for bedside tables.

The Skybell 5 suspension has 5 suspended elements of diverse lengths (2 x 45 cm, 2 x 55 cm, 1 x 65 cm) and the Skybell 7 has seven suspended elements (4 x 45 cm, 2 x 55 cm, 1 x 65 cm). They have conical shades of black lacquered aluminium which projects their warm LED light directly downwards and illuminate tables and counters in the best possible way. The Skybell Modular with its S-shape has a total of 20 lights.

The suspension cable of the Skybell 7 and Skybell 5, which serves for the electricity supply, is affixed at one end with a ceiling rose and at the other with an element for wall mounting. It is also possible to affix it to the ceiling.

The integrated LED lamps spread their light downwards in an angle of 30 degrees. On request, the Skybell suspension is also available with an illumination angle of 40 degrees.