Mos Collection

Bover Mos are pendant lights with white or
cream-colored ribbon shades, which are composed of several rings.

The pendant lamp Mos by Bover combines stylish elegance with the charm of a fabric light fixture. The shade's round shape is created by combining several rings of different sizes, covered with translucent ribbon in white or cream-colored.

The result is very unusual and interesting not only in terms of design, but also of light distribution. It offers subtle, soft basic lighting and direct illumination at the same time: at the lower end there is a cover plate of frosted glass, which is decoratively fastened with a central screw and directs the light downwards to illuminate tables.

The round ceiling rose is made of matt nickel and the connection cable is transparent. The suspension is adjustable in height. Mos is available in three different dimensions: While the Mos 01 can also be used to illuminate smaller dining tables in private living spaces, the Mos 02 and Mos 03, which are more opulent, are impressive over large tables or in a public context.