Moai Collection

Moai are bollard lights for outdoors, where they illuminate
driveways or sidewalks with soft LED light. Made of concrete.

The Bover Moai bollard has been on the market since 2017 and was designed by Gonzalo Milà. It is made of reinforced concrete, but it is not so much the material that makes Moai a special object for outdoor lighting, but rather the appealing shape.

The body of the Moai bollard light is a triangle with a rounded edge. The permanently installed LEDs, which direct the light downwards and additionally illuminate the concrete surface are located in the cavity in the weather-resistant concrete.

In addition, the dimmable LED module is equipped with an optical lens that acts like a magnifying glass and converts the light into a more focused cone of light. In the private living area or in commercial spaces, Moai provides the environment with soft light, which illuminates driveways or sidewalks and fits into any context.

The outdoor light is available in two sizes: Moai B/35 Outdoor with a height of 35 cm and Moai B/60 Outdoor with a height of 60 cm. The Moai outdoor bollard light by Bover is delivered without appropriate accessories for attachment to the respective surface. Accessories can be ordered on request.