Maxi Collection

The pleated shade made of silk or polyethylene is the highlight of
the Bover Maxi floor and pendant lights. Soft play of light and shadow.

Maxi by the Spanish manufacturer Bover impresses with its exquisite design and soft lighting effect. The focus lies on the delicate lampshade made of pleated silk (indoor) or white polyethylene (outdoor), which diffuses the light. The folds create a subtle interplay of light and shadow. The floor or pendant lamp is available as an indoor and an outdoor version.

While the Maxi floor lamps emit elegant columns of light on the terrace or in the living room, the Maxi pendant lamps are particularly cleverly designed. They look like floor lamps, but do not need a base thanks to the suspension. The power can be supplied either via a ceiling outlet or via a socket in the wall. When power is supplied from the ceiling, the pendant lamp is supplied with a canopy for the wiring. If no ceiling outlet is available, the Maxi is also suspended from the ceiling. The power is then supplied via a power cable and plug.