Lineana Collection

Christophe Mathieu

The modern outdoor wall lights in the Lineana collection by
Bover illuminate exterior walls with glare-free, soft light.

The Lineana collection by Bover was designed by Christophe Mathieu in 2010. The outdoor lights are ideal for illuminating outdoor facades - they provide even, glare-free light and gently illuminate the wall surface.

The lights are made of stainless steel and aluminum, the fronts of the Lineana Ipé wall lights are made of wood with a light slot. The front of the vertical Lineana V and the horizontal Lineana H, on the other hand, consists of metal slats between which the light shines without any glare. The light source is either a E27 lamp or permanently installed LEDs. The light source is enclosed by a polycarbonate diffuser.

Lineana by Bover is mounted vertically or horizontally, the aluminum structure is optionally painted brown or graphite grey. Lineana creates attractive lighting for empty facades or narrow wall projections, while always blending in with the surrounding architecture in a modern way.