Garota Collection

Bover Garota lamps offer a warm and soft light and a
pleasant atmosphere on the terrace or on the balcony.

The Bover Garota collection appeals with organically shaped diffusers of hand-woven, recyclable, polyethylene fibers. The design which bears the signature of Alex Fernández Camps and Gonzalo Milà dates back to 2015 and imitates urchins. When the light is on, the inside appears in plain view, while it also provides an even and soft lighting.

The Garota outdoor lamp has a light source surrounded by an UV-resistant diffuser of polyethylene. The electrical cable of black neoprene is water-proof. Thanks to the IP66 protection, Garota is protected against water and dust particles.

Garota serves as an outdoor pendant, ceiling, floor or table lamp for warm, luminous moments on the terrace or on larger balconies, but can also serve as a light fixture inside.