Fora Collection

The Bover Fora Outdoor lights'
weatherproof shade is made of recyclable, synthetic fibre.

For the Fora lamp collection by Bover, the designers Gonzalo Milà and Alex Fernández Camps interpreted natural materials and rustic shapes in a contemporary way.

The focus is on the round, woven lampshade that exudes Mediterranean joie de vivre and closeness to nature. In order to be able to use it outdoors, the shade is woven from a waterproof and UV-stable plastic made of polypropylene. Inside the shade there is an opal white, spherical diffuser made of polyethylene, which covers the illuminant and diffuses the light evenly in the room.

Fora's design adapts to any environment and also unfolds its special charm indoors. Depending on the selected version, Fora exudes Mediterranean flair on balconies, patios or on external facades. Thanks to protection class IP66, Fora is protected against the ingress of water and dust.