Cornet Collection

The Bover Cornet outdoor lights' robust body is made of
polyurethane. For illuminating outdoor walls, terraces or sidewalks.

The Cornet bollard lights by Bover amaze with the wave-like structure of their lamp head, mystically highlighted by the light shining from the inside. Its organic, almost floral design language makes Cornet a harmonious part of its environment and is also attractive during the day when switched off. Unlike conventional bollard lights, which mostly have a purely functional purpose, the Cornet bollard lights also impress with their decorative effect.

Cornet is not only available as a bollard light in two different sizes, but also as a Cornet outdoor wall light. Its light shines indirectly towards the wall and creates a cross-shaped light pattern there.

The decorative Cornet outdoor lights are made of polyurethane, stainless steel and aluminum. These extremely robust materials make them very weather-resistant - thanks to protection class IP66, they are protected against the penetration of water and dust. Furthermore, the Cornet outdoor lights are equipped with permanently installed LEDs, which can be dimmed using an external phase dimmer.