Beddy Collection

The Beddy collection by the Spanisch light manufacturer Bover is inspired by furniture made by Japanese cabinet-makers who succeed in reaching the highest function with the greatest simplicity. It features a radically rational design concept, because each detail fulfills a purpose. The very light Beddy of lacquered aluminium and steel perfectly adapts to minimalist environments, for example on a bedside table or in the reading corner.

The rotatable diffuser shaped like a half-ball has a cover of polycarbonate spreading a glare-free illumination and a slender rod to vary its position. There is a switch under the shade. Beddy A/02, Beddy A/03 and Beddy A/04 additionally have an USB connection for conveniently loading of mobile devices. The latter also have convenient trays that can support 1.5 to 2 kilograms.