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The classic among the Bocci lights is the Bocci 14 collection. The spherical pendant lamp is made of hand-cast glass with naturally occurring air pockets and other fine irregularities. Whether as a single pendant lamp, in a row above the kitchen counter or in an opulent cluster, Bocci 14 convinces with fascinating depth, solidity and unique charisma.

The Bocci 28 takes the idea of the noble glass ball further and reinterprets it with organic aesthetics. Here the vitreous bodies are created in a complex blowing process. The glass ball has irregular indentations and envelops a smaller ball made of frosted glass, in which the lamp is hidden. Each lamp is unique and has a unique shape.

Bocci 21 brings a new material into play: A thin layer of porcelain covers the delicate glass shades and lets the light shimmer gently and warmly. Here, too, each shape is a little different, each luminaire is a one-off, so that there are never repetitions even in larger group arrangements.

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More about the brand Bocci

The Canadian company Bocci is known for fantastic pendant lights made of glass, designed by Omer Arbel.

Bocci was founded in 2005 by Omer Arbel and Randy Bishop. Arbel acts as the brand's art director and chief designer. The range focuses on just a few collections, each with its own character and inimitable charm. As a rule, the Bocci lights are made of glass, but metal or ceramics are also used. Melting, casting and other technical, often experimental techniques give the materials unique shapes with fascinating irregularities that make each lamp unique, even a work of art.

Instead of normal names, Omer Arbel gives his works sequential numbers. Not every designer's idea is implemented in series - the first lamp in the Bocci range was number 14 - but often the different designs build on one another, think old ideas further and play with shape, color and material. These understandable thoughts behind the designs, which run like a red thread through the range and ensure coherence, are what make the lights from Bocci so special.

Each lamp usually exists as a single version as well as multiple combinations, whereby individual made-to-measure products are also possible. In addition to its regular range of lights, Bocci also takes care of projects and light installations of inimitable complexity, sensuality and lively magic.

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