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B.Lux lights impress with their timeless, modern design, which can be integrated into a variety of interiors, but which visually enhances contemporary furnishing styles.

The flagship of the Spanish brand B.Lux is undoubtedly the Veroca ceiling lights collection by Miguel Ángel Ciganda. The aesthetic focus is on the feather-light, rectangular textile diffuser, which is stretched under the ceiling by means of four springs and thus ensures diffuse ambient light.

The outdoor lamp Kanpazar is another bestseller of the Grupo B.Lux. Due to its cypress shape, it fits particularly well into existing garden architecture. The B.Lux outdoor lamp Kanpazar was created by the young designer Jon Santacoloma and is made of glossy opal white polyethylene, which is light-resistant and particularly resistant.

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B.Lux, also known as Grupo B.Lux, is an established Spanish lighting brand with a global presence. The company is located in the municipality of Gizaburuaga in the Basque Country in northern Spain.

The lamps from the Basque lamp manufacturer Grupo B.Lux are characterized by timeless design with clear lines and high functionality. All B.Lux lights are produced at the company location.

Grupo B.Lux was founded in 1979. The first successes with their own designs came in 1981 with the Belux system designed by Guillermo Capdevilla, which also gave the company its name at the time. In the mid-1980s, the company increasingly focused on working with national and international designers, such as Jorge Pensi and Miguel Ángel Ciganda, who also decisively shaped the company's design language. In 1987, the lamp collections Regina and Olympia by Jorge Pensi were the first lamps made of polished aluminum to go into production. This laid the foundation for the internationalization of the company.

In 1989 Belux changed its name to B.lux. In 1996 new successful collections such as the famous Veroca by Miguel Ángel Ciganda were launched. A new field of activity opened up in 2001 with the manufacture of custom-made lights and systems for construction projects by well-known architects and interior designers such as Frank O. Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Dominique Perrault. In 2006, the Kanpazar was the first outdoor lamp to come into the range that unexpectedly turned out to be a bestseller. From 2010, Grupo B.Lux increasingly used contemporary LED technology in its decorative lighting collections, driven by the idea of sustainability and innovation.

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