U-Turn Collection

The lamps by Michel Charlot feature round LED heads which are attached to
the structure via magnets and can be adjusted in many different positions.

Belux U-Turn are modern LED pendant, ceiling, table, floor and wall lights that can be flexibly adapted to your needs. Magnetic ball joints allow the light to be aligned freely, and the lamp head can be placed upside down so that it either emits direct light downwards or indirect light upwards.

U-Turn can therefore illuminate surfaces and serve as reading light, or it provides indirect room light. The lamp heads of the U-Turn pendant lamps can also be turned around. Turning the lamp head around is anything but complicated, it only takes one hand movement. In addition, the radiation angle can be adjusted with U-Turn (80°/40°). The smaller the beam angle, the more focused and smaller the light cone becomes.

The lights of the U-Turn collection by Belux are made of aluminum and steel, they fit into modern and minimalist interiors and their light intensity can be regulated depending on the selected version.