Cloud Collection

The Belux Cloud lights not only create a soft,
diffuse light, they also have a unique, cloud-shaped shape.

Belux Cloud picks up the clouds from the sky and leaves pleasantly diffuse light behind. Not only its appearance is reminiscent of a cloud, but also has the ability to modify its shape. Because the hard-wearing, age-resistant and flame-retardant polyester fleece can be individually designed by hand.

The Belux Cloud lighting collection, which includes the Babycloud table lamp, the Cloud floor and pendant lamps and the oversized Mamacloud LED pendant lamp, received the Good Design and the FX Design Award.

The cloudy design of the small Babycloud LED table lamp is completed by a base made of walnut and a chrome-plated steel structure. The Cloud XL LED is a pendant lamp that creates a unique atmosphere: the impressively large light fixture brings the fascination of a natural phenomenon into the room, whether hung alone or in groups. The Cloud pendant lights can optionally be supplied with 2700K, 3000K or 4000K LEDs. 2700K LEDs produce a particularly warm white light that creates a cozy atmosphere. The light of the 3000K LEDs is a little brighter and it becomes the brightest or whitest with 4000K LEDs.

The Mamacloud LED by Belux is the largest light fixture in the Cloud collection, suitable for very large and high public buildings.