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For over seven decades, the Westphalian lighting manufacturer Bega has been known for high-quality outdoor lighting. The brand has gained an excellent international reputation and is also popular with architects, who can find the right lamp for any purpose in the expansive Bega lamp catalogue. Bega approaches illumination as a perpetually developing area, subject to great technological advances. Consequently, Bega outdoor lamps don't just impress with their superior quality, but also with innovative ideas and technologies. Bega offers lamps with motion sensors for use in entrance areas, LED outdoor lamps, high protection ratings and more.

The company was founded in 1945 in Menden, North Rhine-Westphalia, first as a manufacturer of wrought-iron chandeliers and lamp parts. During the Economic Miracle, Bega began to grow, its product range expanding continuously to include, among others, lamps made of cast bronze or with blown glass diffusers. High-quality outdoor lamps became the company's hallmark, soon winning Bega international acclaim. In 1952, Bega was awared the Medaille d'Or at the fair "Foire Internationale de Luxembourg", the manufacturer's first important award.

In the 1970's, Bega developed the first drive-over in-ground lamp, the first mirror optics bollard and ceiling lamps especially designed for indoor pools and sports facilities, as well as lamps for use on ships. More recently, Bega has embraced modern technologies, for example the use of energy-efficient, integrated LEDs.

Architects value the large product range, the functional design and of course the high quality of Bega lamps, which are suitable for practically any area. Bega presents garden lamps and many other outdoor lights that can be used around private homes as well as in public areas and building complexes, where they provide orientation and safety – this is especially true for Bega outdoor lamps with motion detector. Attractive lighting accents on walls can be created with the help of Bega wall lamps. Bega ground spots illuminate hedges and trees, creating a beautiful atmosphere in parks and gardens.

While the Bega brand is predominantly known for its high-quality outdoor lighting, today Bega offers a large selection of indoor lamps as well, characterized by the same great quality and timelessly elegant design. Bega is part of the Lichtgruppe Gantenbrink, which also includes another lamp company with a long history: Glashütte Limburg, specialized in indoor lamps made of blown glass. Today, these lamps are also offered under the Bega name.

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