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Baltensweiler is a Swiss brand for designer lights of the highest quality and minimalist design. For over 60 years, the family company has been developing high-quality luminaires for offices and living spaces that are timeless on the one hand and always keep up with the times.

The story begins in 1951 when Rosmarie and Rico Baltensweiler develop a luminaire for their own use in their living workshop in Lucerne: the floor lamp Type 600 is quickly well received by architect friends and is produced in the following year in a small edition. The interior designer and electrical engineer will soon have to move to larger rooms in order to have more space for luminaire production and more living space for the young family. In 1959, Baltensweiler developed a new collection of lights for the Knoll International furniture store, and further models followed - with great success. In the 1960s, Baltensweiler also took on lighting planning orders and designed, for example, the station restaurant in the old Lucerne station and the Zurich Schauspielhaus.

With its luminaire designs, Baltensweiler follows technological developments, for example, in the 1970s, used halogen lamps and 1984 fluorescent tubes for specially developed luminaire models, and in 2003 presented a first LED table lamp for the living area. This is followed by further elegant LED lights that grow into successful collections. Older models are also produced today with the energy-efficient lamps.

Baltensweiler luminaires are not only popular internationally, they have also received various design awards over the course of the company's long history. Some iconic classics can be found in the Museum of Design in Zurich and in other important design collections.

Even today, Baltensweiler is still a family business and the development, production and assembly of all lights takes place on site at the company headquarters to ensure the high quality of Baltensweiler lights at all times. The Baltensweiler design is geared towards longevity, which is reflected in the choice of materials, construction and design itself. Functional and timeless, elegant and discreetly decorative, lights from Baltensweiler enrich every apartment and office.

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