LINIjA Collection

The Linija LED suspensions offer versatile, customizable
illumination thanks to a system of pendants, spotlights and rails.

LINIja by Baltensweiler is a suspension system for customized lighting solutions that appeal with their modern, functional aesthetics.

The Linjia collection was designed in 2019 and includes various elements that are combined to form the individual lamps. The rails serve as a base and are available in four lengths (90 cm, 140 cm, 190 cm and 240 cm). They can be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended at different heights (5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, 35 cm and 55 cm). The LED lights can be attached to these rails according to one's needs, with the option of adjustable spotlights and of height-adjustable pendants, which provide downward lighting. The latter is available with three different cable lengths and can be moved along the rail in any desired position.

The light of the LED pendants can be switched on and off or dimmed at two levels (15% and 100%) simply by turning the reflector head. A switch on the spotlight makes it possible to adjust its beam angle continuously (13° to 69°).

Optional accessories make it possible to create light fixtures with unique shapes, simply by joining several rails together. But even using just a single rail, LINIjA offers many possibilities of customization, fitting the pendant lamp exactly to one's specific lighting needs and to the architecture of the room. The various suspension heights and the height-adjustability of the pendants make LINIjA suitable for many ceiling heights; and by moving the pendants horizontally or adding more of them to the rail, even larger tables, long counters or wide rooms can be illuminated perfectly. By moving, dimming or focussing the individual light sources, LINIja can easily answer to changing lighting demands, providing whatever kind of illumination is desired at the moment.

Linija is made of aluminium with an anodized finish. A version in black is available on request.

The lamp may not be used with an external dimmer.

Linija has been honored with several design awards, including the German Design Award, the Plus X Award and the ICONIC Award. The jury was particularly impressed by the timeless design and the high flexibility of the pendant light system.