Baltensweiler Fez

The versatile lamps of the Fez collection by Baltensweiler have
modern lighting technology and a shade with a characteristic shape.

The LED lamps of the Fez collection by Baltensweiler convince with functional clarity and sophisticated technology. The inspiration for the shape of the lampshade was the fez, a traditional type of hat from the oriental region.

The collection includes several floor lamps and pendant lamps that offer dimmable and adjustable direct light with optional indirect light. Fez is made of aluminum and is available in anodized or powder-coated versions. The direct light is concentrated downwards by a lens placed inside the shade.

The floor lamp combines a slim, telescopically extendable rod with a tiltable lamp head that directs the light forwards, backwards or in both directions. In this way, Fez is extremely versatile and perfect as a reading light. Height and light intensity can be easily adapted to personal needs, while the indirect light ensures a particularly eye-friendly lighting situation.

The pendant lamp suspends the characteristic shade on two fine cables. It can be tilted sideways (25°), thus allowing the light to be directed. In the DZ variant, it is also continuously height-adjustable.

Fez can be switched on and off as well as dimmed without one having to get up from the table or sofa. The floor lamp is operated via a switch on the lamp rod; the non-adjustable pendant lamp is dimmed and switched by gently pulling on the lamp head. The indirect light is switched on via a separate toggle switch on the shade.

The DTW version is additionally equipped with DimToWarm technology, so that the light color of the LEDs becomes warmer when dimmed down. The especially cozy light is particularly suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, for evening lighting of dining and coffee tables or as an atmospheric accent in the corner of the room.

Please note that Fez must not be used in conjunction with external dimmers. The pendant lights can be used with the DI-ON remote control, which is sold separately and can be used to control several lamps at once.