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Axolight is a relatively young company based on the Venetian mainland, whose products combine traditional glass blowing and the handicrafts of the Veneto region with modern lighting techniques and materials.

The lights from Axolight can best be described as modern and glamorous. Like a fine piece of jewelry, they are the icing on the cake of every facility, a successful mixture of Italian design, cosmopolitan lifestyle and high craftsmanship. True to the motto "Reflecting the light", the Italian lighting manufacturer produces fascinating design objects made of high-quality glass, wood, metal, plastic or textile, which create effective light effects. Clear lines and shiny surfaces made of aluminum and glass are characteristic design elements, whereby Axolight designer lights are neither minimalistic nor overloaded.

Axolight was founded near Venice in June 1996 and has already collaborated with major players in the industry who have achieved international fame thanks to their innovative products. These include designers such as Karim Rashid, Dima Loginoff, Rainer Mutsch, Timo Ripatti, Manuel Vivian or Ryosuke Fukasada. The designers are inspired by the variety of forms in nature, the high level of engineering from the world of technology or distant cultures.

Since changes in management in 2017, the company has followed a new understanding of luminaire design, but still stands for creativity, technical know-how, craftsmanship and passion.

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