Axo Light
Urban Collection

Dima Loginoff

The cylindrical shade of the Urban lights by Axolight has
pleasantly rounded edges and is available in warm, unobtrusive colours.

Urban by Axo Light are modern ceiling and pendant lights with integrated LEDs that are suitable for illuminating tables. The Urban collection includes lampshades with different heights, which can also be wonderfully combined into individual groups or rows. This means that long tables, coffee tables or kitchen counters can also be atmospherically illuminated.

The design of the Axolight Urban is based entirely on subtle comfort. The shade is made of painted aluminum and has a simple, cylindrical shape with generously rounded edges at the top and bottom. This soft shape and the subtle, available colour tones give Axo Light Urban a consistently cozy character.

The shade of the Urban light is open at the bottom so that the light from the integrated LEDs is emitted directly downwards. The LED light can be dimmed via an external phase dimmer.