Axo Light
Spillray Collection

Manuel Vivian

Whether as a single light or as a series of lights: Spillray by
Axolight is always stylish, refined and testifies to the highest glass quality.

Spillray is a lighting collection by Manuel Vivian for the Italian brand Axolight. The collection primarily includes pendant lights and multi-lamp pendant lights, but ceiling lights and a wall light also complement the series.

Italian elegance and high-quality materials characterize Spillray. Depending on its colour, Spillray appears sometimes simple and sometimes extravagant. The chalice-shaped shades are made of crystal glass, which is optionally coloured. A small LED pin base lamp forms the discreet light source that is visible through the shade and provides a brilliant light.

In order to meet different requirements, the Spillray collection offers many different variants. The glass shade is optionally wide or narrow, and each ceiling or pendant lamp is also available as a recessed version. For very special lighting accents, Spillray is recommended as a row of lights on an elongated canopy or as a cluster arrangement with up to 12 glass shades mounted on a round canopy.