Axo Light
Nelly Collection

Manuel Vivian

The Nelly lights by Axolight are square or round and have curved
light shades of fabric. They feature a characteristic cross line.

Metallic frames with high-quality fabric covers distinguish the light fixtures by the Italian lighting brand Axolight. The Nelly collection by the designer Manuel Vivian also uses this principle and includes square and round wall or ceiling lights covered with fabric.

The fabric cover has a curved transversal line, which is typical for the Nelly lights and lend them a special note. The fabric is available in pure white or ivory-white and in a choice of sizes. The light passes diffusely through the fabric shade and contributes to the appealing general lighting of the room.

The high-quality fabric of the Nelly lights can be easily removed from the metal structure and, if necessary, washed at a low temperature. Nelly's design is restrained, which makes it a versatile source of lighting. All lights in the collection are provided with E27 sockets, which are to be equipped with energy-saving lamps.