Axo Light
Manto Collection

Manto by Axolight is an elegant lighting object, available
in diverse sizes which spreads the light softly and pleasantly.

The Manto light series by Davide Besozzi designed in collaboration with the manufacturer Axo Light plays with volumes which are generated by its own weight.

Basically the elegant Manto suspension is composed of an adjustable telescopic stem on which an opaline glass diffuser has been mounted. In addition to the telescopic stem, three thin steel cables in light grey, serving to hold the shade, rise from the slender cylinder. The shade is surrounded by a thin, elastic textile ribbon.

The glass diffuser's position is varied by pushing or pulling the telescopic stem. When the light is pushed upwards, there is a space between the diffuser and the textile shade. When it is pulled down, the glass diffuser softly dives in the textile shade, producing an interesting visual effect. In the third position, the glass diffuser rests above the glass shade without touching it. The different glass diffuser's positions do not only modify the Manto suspension's shape, but also its light emission.

The integrated LED's light intensity is adjustable with a 1-10V control unit. For this purpose a 5 cables connection is required.