Axo Light
Liaison Collection

The Axolight Liaison lights shine with a unique silhouette:
A slender metal arch acts as an extension of the power cable.

Liaison pendant lights - abstract work of art and LED light:

The Liaison pendant lights by Axolight appear light and practically immaterial - despite their considerable height and width. Liaison consists of one or more arched metal rods, the adjoining cylindrical reflector heads and spherical elements that either act as a counterweight or as a connecting element of the metal arches, giving the light fixture a final touch. Thanks to its slim individual components, it always looks light and discreet, does not block the view into the room and emphasizes the ceiling height instead, which can make rooms appear higher and more spacious.

The mixture of the individual elements results in a fascinating graphic eye-catcher, abstract, geometrically clear and, thanks to elegant surfaces in black and/or gold, even suitable for classically furnished, sophisticated interiors - in any case a stylish accent is set.

The Liaison pendant lights have built-in LEDs that shine downwards with a beam angle of 40°. Warm white light and high color rendering make the light fixture perfect for private and cozy rooms.

The LEDs of all Liaison lights can be dimmed via a 1-10V interface, for which an additional 5 wire cable must be installed.